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Tajik American Cultural Association (TACA) is a non-profit, non-governmental, cultural and educational organization that promotes cooperation and integration within Tajik community and fosters intercultural interaction among other communities in the USA. TACA founded by a group of Tajik diaspora enthusiasts in May of 2012, TACA is a non-profit organization that aims to harness the energy and resources of the growing Tajik-American community towards building a better tomorrow for all. The efforts of the organization are channeled into two main directions:

  • strengthening the collaborative bonds between community members, hence reinforcing the sense of sharing a common goal, and setting a stage for preservation of cultural values and traditions within the diaspora;
  • reaching out to the greater American community to advance intercultural exchange, building bridges of cooperation and showcasing the fabric of the community with underlined emphasis on proper representation of the cultural inheritance.

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